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New releases

  • Releasing Voila 3.4.1

    This version comes with improvements to the optimizations and the compiler, which now ships with the source needed, so git isn’t needed anymore.


Issues & Pull Requests

  • Add GPLv3 license file

    The GPL requires distributing the full license with the package.


  • Add function to call ace-window with forced aw-dispatch

    Hi, I apologize if this was already asked. I use ace-window with aw-dispatch-always set to nil, as I really like the use of M-o as a switch windows when I have only 2 windows. However, I also find very comfortably having the dispatchable actions (like v to split a window). Without changing the value of aw-dispatch-always, I thought that something like this can be added:

    (defun ace-window-manual-dispatch (arg)
      "Calls `ace-window' with ARG asking for the dispatch, even if `aw-dispatch-always' is nil.
    This could be useful to use the advanced commands"
      (interactive "p")
    (let ((aw-dispatch-always t))
      (ace-window arg)

    I use that in my init file and it works, and I bound that to C-M-o, in order to have like a “super” ace-window call. If that is useful, I would be very happy to create a pull request for it.


Issues & Pull Requests

  • [Feature Request] Is it possible to align the right hand side of the mode-line precisely with a variable-pitch font? enhancement

    I know this is a rather minor thing as noted in the quote below, but I wondered if it is still possible because I try to use a variable-pitch font where possible.

    Here was a previous patch/comment related to it in

    I committed a patch to support different fonts in mode line. Just need to set mode-line and mode-line-inactive face. All icons should be Okay now. The right position of the segment may not be accurate but I think it’s a minor issue.

    Depending on which characters one uses in the right hand side, the offset to the right window margin is varying a lot:


    I tested with this code:

    (doom-modeline-mode 1)
    (set-face-attribute 'mode-line nil
                        :font "Avenir" ; present on macOS but I suppose any other variable-pitch font would reproduce
                        :height 201)

    I don’t know if this is possible because (string-width) is used in (doom-modeline-def-modeline) which does not return pixels. And I suspect that it might be a slight performance hit as one needs to calculate the right hand side pixel width and then subtract it from the total window pixel width.

    Still I am wondering if it could be implemented without impacting performance too much as all the ‘big’ non-Emacs code editors have it in their mode-line variant :)

    This is possibly related to


Issues & Pull Requests

  • Add a builder interface

    Original issue was addressed by @sadbuttrueasfuck in a reddit thread

  • Create a style from pattern enhancement

    We could create a style from pattern.

    Like having a pattern for line. And repeat it corresponding of table length.

    I am note sure now how it may look like but here’s a general idea.

    * 1  23 *

  • Recognize formatting options in Display implementation enhancement good first issue tracking

    std::fmt::Formatter has a bunch of options which can be determined. We could change the table according to these options.

    The changes may be done here.

    • [ ] align Align could apply an Alignment for each cell.
    • [ ] width Width ideally would need to set a width of the whole table including length of separators. But it’s not clear then how to behave in cases where minimum possible length is 5 but 3 was specified. Print nothing?

    There’s more options out there but I don’t see there use case yet. But it might be there.

  • Add a way to print a list of tables in line enhancement good first issue

    I noticed that there’s no easy way to print 2 tables in a row. Like this

    ┌───────────────┬─────────┬──────────┬───────────┐        ┌───────────────┬─────────┬──────────┬───────────┐
    │ temperature_c │ wind_ms │ latitude │ longitude │        │ temperature_c │ wind_ms │ latitude │ longitude │
    ├───────────────┼─────────┼──────────┼───────────┤        ├───────────────┼─────────┼──────────┼───────────┤
    │      16       │  3000   │ 111.111  │  333.333  │        │      16       │  3000   │ 111.111  │  333.333  │
    │      -20      │   300   │  5.111   │  7282.1   │        │      -20      │   300   │  5.111   │  7282.1   │
    │      40       │   100   │    0     │     0     │        │      40       │   100   │    0     │     0     │
    └───────────────┴─────────┴──────────┴───────────┘        └───────────────┴─────────┴──────────┴───────────┘

    We could create a different type for achieving it.

    Or we could create a type which implements Tabled and wraps Table. So essentially a 2 tables inside 1 would be printed. Like this

    let line = Table::new([ table1, table2 ])

    Actually it will not work because Table::new takes rows not columns

    If anyone have an idea according to the design please feel free to discuss.

  • Switch from String backend to Cow<str>

    Change of Tabled trait to

    trait Tabled {
        fn fields(&self) -> Vec<Cow<'_, str>>;
        fn headers() -> Vec<Cow<'static, str>>;

    The idea that we don’t waste memory by making copies of &str.

    Though the interface became less versatile…

    I guess there must be done some refactoring then.

  • Allow completely custom border

    It could be cool to have an ability to have a completely custom border with text squeezed in etc.


    ---Hello World---


Issues & Pull Requests